I am Azita Milanian, Executive Director and Founder of Children of One Planet.

What is Children of One Plant? Founded in 2000, the ”Children of One Planet” Foundation is a non- profit organization that promotes the well-being and health of children from all over the world. The mission of Children of One Planet is to inspire all to be the voice of innocent children and to protect them against hunger and violence.

What has Children of One Planet done for Past 23 Years? Since 2000, Children of One Planet has helped children and teens in a variety of ways.

In 2024, we will continue as a Core Partner with the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation and hope to expand our dance and music program, led by professional dance and music instructors, to additional locations. Also, we will introduce our monthly program to bring children and families in the local community together focusing on learning and participating in their health and well-being through dance, music, and nutrition.

In 2023, we partnered with the Los Angeles Parks and Recreation to provide dance and music lessons to children and teens through the Parks After Dark Program at Loma Alta and Farnsworth community centers.The after school dance and music program was designed to build confidence and an inclusive performing arts community for all children in the Pasadena area communities.

In 2020-2021, during COVID, we made masks for orphanages, hospitals and foster homes, Shrines Medical Center for Children, Ronald McDonald House, Sycamores and more. We fed 150 families food and donated masks to orphanages in Costa Rica and Mexico.

In 2019, we donated brand new mattresses to children with no beds at the Dream Center in Los Angeles. The Dream Center provides food, clothing and shelter for underprivileged families.

On-going programs:
Contribute to orphanages around the world by donating food, clothing and cash. These donations serve immediate crises throughout the world.

Help small charities and orphanages, especially during the Christmas Holiday, with toy donations.

Print many educational postcards regarding child human trafficking in order to prevent it and how children, teens and families can look for ways to protect themselves.

Create educational postcards for children and families to support mental and physical health and wellness for victims of child human trafficking.

Who is Azita Milanian? Azita Milanian is a President and Founder of Children of One Planet, a 501 c(3) non-profit. Prior to that Azita was involved independently with Save the Children Foundation.

Azita graduated from the University of Florida!s College of Engineering. After 12 years working for NASA"s Jet Propulsion Laboratory she decided to pursue her passion to help children against hunger

and violence.

In 1996 she started by helping the Save the Children Foundation, USA with fundraising dance show events.

In 2000 Azita founded Children of One Planet to help children more directly. #My dream is to see children free of hunger and violence one day”. Azita says.

The work of Children of One Planet has been recognized by Save the Children and other organizations as well as Her Royal Highness Princess Anne of Great Britain.

https://childrenofoneplanet.org, 501(c)(3) non-profit registered in California, FEIN: 91-2074967