I acknowledge and understand that my participation and/or attendance at a 
CHILDREN OF ONE PLANET (CoOP) sponsored event may result in my image and/or likeness in the form of a photograph, video, drawing, painting, electronic/digital rendering, testimonial or statement to be used by CoOP for solicitation, advertisement, trade and/or artwork. I irrevocably consent to the unrestricted use of my image and likeness by CoOP as well as CoOP's directors, board members, officers, employees, agents, assigns, successors, vendors and event administrators (collectively, the “CoOP Affiliates”) acting within CoOP's permission and authority and any and all photographs, videography or other images and statements taken for, and/or in preparation for, the event for all purposes, irrevocably in perpetuity, without any compensation to me unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. I furthermore waive any right to inspect or approve the finished photographs, advertising copy, video footage, drawings, electronic/digital renderings, statements and/or testimonials containing my image and/or likeness that may be used in conjunction therewith, or to the eventual use that it may be applied.

* * * * *