To All my compassionate Friends and Supporters of “Children of  One Planet”

As  founder of Children Of One planet” an organization which believes in helping children in the orphanages around the world. We tirelessly put on successful fashion and dance show fundraising to benefit many children in orphanages.

This could not be possible without our sponsors and support of many talented dancers and musicians.

The main objective for these shows is to bring awareness to the community that children need our help to survive regardless of where they are from. We have many goals and plans this year to make and we would like to start with asking you to join me in my  3rd year anniversary of supporting the “ Dios es Amor orphanage” in Mexico. This is a well-respected place where children of 8 years of age and younger call home. The children's eyes have heart-warming stories to tell and smiles and laughter that keep me motivated to return with more contributions each time. We are currently planning a trip to shower the children with loving gifts of the necessities on Friday. April 1st, 2005 . There are also adults that work at the orphanage that are in need of clothing. With your support I would like to make this donation the best ever. But this cannot be done with out your help. The only request is that the items given must be in decent condition. There will be a few designated drops off locations for your convenience. Please, consider donating clothing, food, health products, and toys anything you might not need anymore and I am sure it will find a happy home. Also, they are in need of monetary donations to help with heating their facilities.

If you like to make a check to “Children of one Planet” do keep in mind that it’s all tax deductible.

Inform us of your interest by calling us at 626 712 3451 or
emailing us at azita@childrenofoneplanet.org

We thank you for your time and support!


Contact Azita at:
Phone: 818-960-8654
or Email at: azita@childrenofoneplanet.org

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