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Hi, my name is Azita Milanian. I am President and Founder of Children of One Planet,
a non-profit organization that helps orphaned children around the world. Children of One Planet, a recognized 501 c(3), was established in 2000, but prior to that I was involved independently with Save the Children Foundation.

I also own a company called Tosca Evening and Dancewear, which I use as a tool to raise money for children. Specifically, I organize fashion and dinner dance show events once or twice a year to bring world class professional ballroom competitors and performers together to donate their time to help raise money for needy children worldwide.

This year, the proceeds of the benefit will be dedicated to assisting young girls who are victims of sex trafficking around the world. We aim to raise money to support these girls through providing imperative intervention and recovery services, enabling them to lead whole, healed and healthy lives.

The ”Children of One Planet” Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes the well-being and health of children from all over the world.

If you would like to help support my cause and raise funds for children around the world, The Tosca 2004 Fashion and Dance Show Video is available for purchase.

All net proceeds from this video will go towards the “Children of One Planet” Foundation.

For more information, please email Azita at azita@childrenofoneplanet.org

Below is a collection of Azita’s Amazing story as covered by the media.

Television NEWS Magazine Spotlights Azita’s Incredible Discovery
Television Show AJ takes viewers back to the place where Azita and her canine compansions happened upon an abondoned baby in the San Gabriel Mountains.
  AZITA MILANIAN, President of the non-profit foundation "CHILDREN OF ONE PLANET” and owner of "TOSCA DANCEWEAR", proudly celebrated her 15th year of fundraising by planning another exciting event to save the children.  

AZITA MILANIAN started her own foundation after she found a newborn baby buried alive
in the mountains of Altadena, California on May 17, 1998.

This year was a special occasion as the show honors and celebrated the 13th birthday of the baby lovingly referred to by Azita as her “Mountain Angel”. The proceeds of this year’s benefit went towards supporting young girls who are victims of sex trafficking around the world, helping to provide intervention and recovery services to these hurting and often abandoned girls. The event is sponsored by Arthur Murray Pasadena, an internationally acclaimed ballroom dance franchise.

This magical night of fashion, live music and dance took place on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 6:00 p.m located at the Hilton Pasadena, 168 South Los Robles Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91101. The evening began at 6 p.m. with wine tasting and live music which was followed by dinner at 7 p.m.

Featured music included the international band, Battista Music and latin band Orquestra Azucar. After dinner, from 8-8:30 p.m., instructors from Arthur Murray Pasadena taught a beginning latin dance lesson. At approximately 8:30 p.m., the fashion and dance show lit up the night with exquisite original Tosca designs and sizzling performances by top International Ballroom and Latin Champions, featuring stunning presentations of dances such as the Samba and Argentine tango.

Following the professional show, everyone will be invited to dance the evening away. Early reservations are recommended for best seating. “This was an enchanting night that everyone will remember,” promised Azita Milanian, who designed and coordinated the show.  “It was a night filled with all the things I love: great food, awesome dancers, beautiful music and friends.”

LA Times Story - Part 1

LA Times Story - Part 2
Azita Milanian Finds Abandoned Baby in Mountains - Download the LA Times article from May 18, 1998
ABANDONED BABY FIGHTS FOR LIFE - A newborn baby found covered in dirt and grass beside foothills jogging trial was in critical condition but improving, doctors at Huntington Memorial Hospital said Sunday...

LA Times Story - Part 1
LA Times Story - Part 2
I Think Its a Miracle - Download the LA Times article from May 24, 1998
Azita Milanian looked through the glass Monday at the newborn baby, the first time she'd seen him since rescuing him from a shallow grave in the Altadena foothills this weekend. Tears filled her eyes as she recalled the first time she saw the infant, covered with dirt and left for dead...
SGV Article - Part 1
SGV Article - Part 2
Where are They Now - Download the San Gabriel Valley article from Jan 1, 1999
Baby Christian doing fine after horrendous start to life. Neary eight months after he as pulled out of a shallow grave, his nose and mouth clogged with loose dirt, Baby Christian has fully recovered from a harrowing early-life ordeal...
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